Banana Bread Granola.

It’s no surprise it’s tough eating healthy over the holidays, and that’s totally fine. Splurge! I enjoy the wine and cookies just as much as the next person, but one thing I do always try to do is start with a healthy breakfast. It’s the best way to not only jump-start your day, but help you make healthier decisions all day long. This Banana Bread Granola is a perfect, easy recipe to start your morning off right. Not only does it smell ah-mazing, but it’s delicious! Top your yogurt off with some of this stuff or use it as cereal and add some blueberries on top!

It’s super simple and easy to switch out ingredients as well. Use any nuts you’ve got lying around, or feel free to add chia seeds, flax seeds, dried cranberries or even dark chocolate (yum!). This is a great easy base granola recipe and you can tailor it to whatever you’d like. Find the printable recipe card below!


Recipe Granola


Good luck, and if you try out the recipe let me know how it goes below!



I need to go ahead and write this while it’s still such a thrill! Watch out fitness world, this girl is certified to personally train you! Woo! Six months in the making, and man did I forget what it is like to be in school “study” mode, which is even harder with a full time job and (semi) social life. But I took the exam this morning and passed! Couldn’t be happier.

I passed!

I’ve always enjoyed health and fitness on a personal level. I always played multiple sports in school, became somewhat of a gym rat post-grad, and now have branched into testing out gluten free and paleo recipes weekly. It’s become more than something I just do, and into something I love. I decided to get my certification to be a personal trainer simply to learn more about my own training. There are many different organizations that offer a certification but I chose the National Academy of Sport Medicine (NASM-CPT) because it’s one of the most reputable and widely accepted. Being someone who goes to the gym frequently, I thought the course and exam would be easier for me. It’s heavily focused on exercise science, which I have no background in. So honestly, maybe I was more excited than necessary but I nailed a science exam…maybe the first time ever.

Arms day

The best part is I have more updates…

I am officially a Brand Ambassador for Equinox! Equinox is a luxury gym in a few major US cities, one of the locations being conveniently located a block over from my office. I help out the membership team for that location and represent an awesome brand…how lucky is that?!


Today is a celebration and another step in my fitness journey. Just looking forward to learning more and maybe getting to pick up a client or two 🙂

E-mail me at for info on how I can help you!


A HUGE thank you to my family, boyfriend, roommate and wonderful friends up here who have been so supportive and understanding of my study-hibernation status lately…you all are the best! ❤


Erin K. Bailey, CPT 😉