Haystack parking

Is this what it feels like to be Kendall Jenner?

This isn’t a diary, or even much of a journal. I didn’t create this blog to showcase my weekends or post pictures from dinner last night. I always said my life just wasn’t that interesting…until Tuesday. Tuesday deserves its own post.

Tuesday was special for a few different reasons. One of my best friends here, Tory, is moving to DC this weekend so to continue her farewell tour “Torypalooza” we needed one more night out. Then it was my roommate, Katelyn’s and my one year anniversary πŸ™‚ yeah we celebrate things like that. Plus we got an invite [thanks Ryan!] to Boston’s hottest new parking app, Haystack’s launch party at The Liberty Hotel [an old jail converted into this gorgeous hotel]. The app itself is creating quite the buzz…controversial is so chic.



The event was a 7PM – 9PM open bar on the fifth floor which was a wrap around balcony. So we enjoyed drinks, new friends and several pictures…and then we won $500 and our new favorite driver, Jay, for the night. See they were having a social media contest, where guests were to take pictures with their Haystack signs, upload them to Instagram, and the user with the most likes by the end of the night won. Katelyn’s notorious for ridiculous amounts of Instagram likes on her pictures which we’re all [Tory, Lily, myself] usually seriously jealous about…tonight, it was ideal. This baby earned us 130 likes…and a night we’ll never forget.


Rooftop bar, bottle[sss] of Champagne, sushi boats for days, and [as if it could get better] we were right beside an outdoor Sara Bareilles concert.

Do people really live like this?



I’m still pinching myself. There were so many memorable parts of the night and not just because we were living the high-life, but because it was absolutely unexpected. A night of highs. A night filled with so many simple moments combined into one that simply felt too good to be true. I woke up the next day still smiling, because how lucky am I? Not just because of the contest, the money, the driver, but because my life is filled with such love. Simple, unexpected moments of pure joy.

So thank you Haystack, for facilitating one of my favorite nights yet.

Happy Tuesday to us…cheers!

Oh and Larry David made an appearance too…

Larry David



“Too much of anything is bad, but too much Champagne is just right.”

– F. Scott Fitzgerald.