I need to go ahead and write this while it’s still such a thrill! Watch out fitness world, this girl is certified to personally train you! Woo! Six months in the making, and man did I forget what it is like to be in school “study” mode, which is even harder with a full time job and (semi) social life. But I took the exam this morning and passed! Couldn’t be happier.

I passed!

I’ve always enjoyed health and fitness on a personal level. I always played multiple sports in school, became somewhat of a gym rat post-grad, and now have branched into testing out gluten free and paleo recipes weekly. It’s become more than something I just do, and into something I love. I decided to get my certification to be a personal trainer simply to learn more about my own training. There are many different organizations that offer a certification but I chose the National Academy of Sport Medicine (NASM-CPT) because it’s one of the most reputable and widely accepted. Being someone who goes to the gym frequently, I thought the course and exam would be easier for me. It’s heavily focused on exercise science, which I have no background in. So honestly, maybe I was more excited than necessary but I nailed a science exam…maybe the first time ever.

Arms day

The best part is I have more updates…

I am officially a Brand Ambassador for Equinox! Equinox is a luxury gym in a few major US cities, one of the locations being conveniently located a block over from my office. I help out the membership team for that location and represent an awesome brand…how lucky is that?!


Today is a celebration and another step in my fitness journey. Just looking forward to learning more and maybe getting to pick up a client or two 🙂

E-mail me at for info on how I can help you!


A HUGE thank you to my family, boyfriend, roommate and wonderful friends up here who have been so supportive and understanding of my study-hibernation status lately…you all are the best! ❤


Erin K. Bailey, CPT 😉


Me, myself and I.

How many times have you thought about yourself today? About what you want? About what people might think about you? Because I literally can’t count them all. I was at dinner last week and asked my friend Ben what his worst trait was. Almost without missing a beat he stated ‘selfish,’ it quite honestly hit me like a ton of bricks.

“Exactly, of course it is. It’s everyone’s worst trait. But why hadn’t I immediately thought that was my own?”

He said it so casually, and explained that it was something he tried to be more purposeful about, something he was continuously working on.

It was only the first time this theme would smack me in the face this week. A good friend of mine is a teacher for Teach for America in Miami. He and two other teachers brought a group of 12 students to Boston this past weekend to tour colleges and experience the (best) city. The students, all minority, were chosen for one of the following reasons:

  • They had dedicated the allotted time to the 10th grade math club these teachers had created.
  • They were incredibly bright yet didn’t show the motivation or effort needed to go to college.
  • They were incredibly bright and wanted to go to college.

This trip was geared to inspire these students to pursue college. For their last night in town I met them for a comedy show at the famous Boston comedy club, Improv Asylum. The show was hysterical and even included one of the students, Chris, getting pulled up on stage…the kid is a natural. After the show we ventured to Mike’s Pastries (I know, not the best but iconic all the same),  and spent the rest of the night gallivanting around the city on a perfect warm, clear night. I walked away from the evening so impressed by the passion of these kids, the spark that this trip ignited in some of them was simply impressive, all they needed was a little inspiration.

But it got me thinking, how great is my life and what I’ve got going on? What have I done today or this week to help anyone else?

Lately I’ve been somewhat obsessed with the theme of being a “lost twentysomething.” It’s addicting. It’s a common thread I’ve found with many friends and strangers, an easy conversation topic, discussing likes and dislikes, struggles and mini victories. But a little perspective from this weekend made me find fault in these consuming thoughts. Do I focus too much time on myself and not enough on anyone else?

Yes. Absolutely.

Is that bad?

I’m not sure.

Maybe yes and maybe no. We attract what we are. The more we better ourselves the more we surround ourselves with those that are better as well. Like minded even. I’ve struggled with this concept though. Is it OK for me to be focusing this much time and energy on myself and my own life? I walked away from this weekend feeling almost guilty. I grew up in a household that placed a strong importance on community involvement and volunteering. Not only through my parents professions but some of my fondest childhood memories included my dad’s “little brother” as part of the Big Brothers Big Sisters organization. Volunteering was ingrained in me. So when did I begin to find my own self discovery more important that helping someone else on their journey?

I believe that in these years of being a twentysomething self discovery is more important than ever. It begins with self-awareness, and this is where I struggle. It’s important to reflect on our own lives, and focus on bettering ourselves yet I leave you with this question:

Where is the line drawn between self discovery and selfishness?

“Practice being selfless. You end up getting more than you anticipate when your soul is giving.”

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Since joining the working world I’ve realized how important time off is, or better yet how rare it is. No longer do we get spring breaks, or three month long vacations, or (sorry Mom) get to skip that 8am class because you still have three absences to use before the end of the semester. Oh what I would give to have my school schedule back again! And then your new job gives you 12 days off a year which at first doesn’t sound too bad…until you realize 10 of them are dedicated to your family to travel home for the holidays and other family events. So…vacation? What’s that?

I decided to take matters into my own hands and build in a week of planned unemployment in between jobs, a friend coined the term “funemployment” and it totally stuck. No big plans, just days filled with nothing but exactly what I want to do. Didn’t realize how rare that is too!

Kicked off the funemployment with a champagne toast with my roommate and one of my best friends from home before we headed to the celtics game with the rest of the group (we have a group now!).

Don’t ask me who they played…nose bleed seats is generous, we couldn’t see anything.

Then I headed home to see my family for a few days which was fabulous. Filled with running afternoons with dad, too much shopping, and frequent ultimate ice cream visits. It was just nice being able to relax at home, see some of my best friends, and watch Friends with my Ma.

The rest of the week back in Boston just flew by! It’s been gorgeous here, sunny days in the high 50’s meant lots of outdoor runs and laying in the grass with a book. I snuck in several workouts and even lounged on the roof. What a peaceful week it was…I think every other month we should all get a week off. The world would be a much more productive place.

Now come Monday I jump back in the working world. I’m excited to share that I’ve accepted an office management/client relations position at Balter Capital Management. Another field I have little (or no) experience in but I’m always up for a challenge. I’m excited to work in an office and one that I can walk to! How great is that?!

Here’s to my last weekend of funemployment. Wish me luck for next week!


Thank you Pure

I can finally announce that today was my last day at Pure Communications. I started almost a year and a half ago as an intern, was quickly offered a full time position upon graduating and then made plans to move to Boston. It’s been nothing short of a wonderful adventure. I was thrown into a life-science and biotech field having no prior knowledge and was forced to learn the new language. It was hard. At times I certainly failed, didn’t ask enough questions, or just didn’t understand. But in the end I look back and can’t believe how far I’ve come. I never thought this Pure team would become such a big part of my life. I met some incredible mentors and leaders. Got to work on projects with all types of companies from launching small biotech companies to leading advertising campaigns for big pharma. It’s been awesome. Pure I can’t thank you enough!

I came across a Kid President video yesterday and it just felt so appropriate for this life transition I’m in the midst of.

“You’re gonna do so much, but it’s not about what you do it’s about who you are. And you, you’re awesome, you’re made that way. You’re made from love, to be loved, to spread love. Love is always louder…so let your life be loud.”

Thanks for the memories Pure. I can’t wait to tell you all what’s next … finance here I come!



“You’re awake. You’re awesome. Live like it.” – Kid President.


I’ve had a hard time trying to reflect on 2013 and pull out the highlights to write about. The past two weeks I realized so much of what I learned this past year is what I don’t want. Saying that sounds like I’ve had a terrible year, when quite honestly it was the most rewarding yet.  By figuring that out I am steps closer to what is absolutely right for me. I’ve had to test the waters in many different areas of my life: locations, relationships, jobs, hobbies, habits etc. I’ve begun to figure out what works and what doesn’t. What I want to stay and what to move on from.
This was the year I feel like I began hit my stride, the year I began to come into my own. Becoming that much more independent and for the first time truly standing on my own two feet, knowing the choices I make come with benefits and consequences that I must own. I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished and how far I have come, and yet this year has opened my eyes to how far I still have to go. This year has showed me that I am not already 22 but only 22. I have just begun to scratch the surface in this joyous life. More than anything I am so excited for what 2014 has in store and so here are resolutions for my new year…in no particular order:
Run a half marathon with my dad.
Get my certification to be a personal trainer.
Go to an island.
Plan a reunion with my London loves.
Read at least 1 book a month.
Make dinner every Sunday night (you’re welcome Katelyn).
Join a service organization.
Run the freedom trail.
Blog bi-weekly.
Never forget to stay connected to my family and my friends.
Find joyous moments everyday.
Here’s to a wonderful New Year’s Eve celebration with some old best friends Miranda and Sarah that made the trip to Boston, and to my new friends who have made Boston feel like home. I love you all and couldn’t think of a better group to ring in the new year!
But before we move on just yet, a recap of a few of my favorite 2013 moments.
In 2013 I …
“Perhaps that is where our choice lies — in determining how we will meet the inevitable end of things, and how we will greet each new beginning.” – Elana K. Arnold, Burning

21 days.

I will be the first to admit I, like many others, have commitment issues. I’m one of those people that often just can’t decide, and I’m hesitant to make a decision fearful that something better might be just around the corner. It takes me twice as long to order my food, 6 times the trying on to choose an outfit, and with boys…let’s just say the amount of boys that have gotten the official title is very few.

I’ve always been active. I played at least two sports all through high school, continued to play recreationally in college and truly enjoy going to the gym. But then I hit ruts and won’t go for a week or two? I enjoy running,  but have never stuck with it enough to consider myself a true “runner.” I usually eat really well, but somehow can’t control myself once I walk unto Ultimate Ice Cream or open up a pint of Ben and Jerry’s. 

I have commitment issues. I don’t go to the gym daily because I get lazy. I don’t eat completely “clean” because I have the biggest sweet tooth. I don’t call myself a runner, because then I would have an expectation to uphold. So yesterday my roommate and I were reflecting on our perfect, indulgent weekend. My sister came to visit and we had the greatest time eating. Eating delectable Italian meals with bottles of wine, homemade biscuits soaked in butter and rolled in cinnamon and sugar, drinking beer at Harpoon brewery with bacon ranch pretzels, lobster rolls, and a large, infamous Regina’s pepperoni pizza. I didn’t hate a second of it. After she left, I peeled myself off the couch, and I went for a run. I’m not sure where it came from but I returned home 7 miles later, and I actually felt great. My roommate felt inspired and killed her own 4 miles, and when she got back she challenged me to four days of running. Well Katelyn, I see your 4 days, and I raise you 17. 

They say it takes 21 days to create a new habit, so here is my commitment to running/working out. I won’t limit it to just running simply because tonight it was 36 degrees on my run, if it becomes 25 degrees outside I’m not sure if I’m leaving this apartment. So the trade off is at least 30 minutes of non-stop exercise: gym, workout video, or polymetrics. 30 minutes.

This enlightening “ah-ha” moment hit me as I went out for a run after work today. It seems as if the brisk, chilly Bostonian air has inspired me. Four miles later and this blog post was written in my head, and now here for you. I encourage you to try it with me, 21 days. You don’t have to run but do something. Pick something you’ve always wanted to do, wanted to be, and join me for 21 days of commitment. 

We’ll start officially tomorrow.

“Great changes may not happen right away, but with effort even the difficult may become easy.”


So lately I’ve been trying to meet girls. Do you know how hard it is to meet girls in a new city?! So hard. Never did I think I would move to a new city and try and think of the spots were I could meet not boys …. but girls. Katelyn and I walk down the street and try and think of excuses to talk to the trendy girls in front of us, or the cute girls that just walked by with their yoga mats or the girls that were next to us in line at the bar. How do you meet girls in this city?!

I’m not trying to make moves, I’m trying to make life long friendships. Or at least find someone to grab lunch on a casual Tuesday. And as much as I love dating and meeting boys, they have totally taken a back burner because who am I going to gush about the cute boy from the coffee shop I saw earlier without girlfriends?!

So number one this post goes out to you Katelyn, my perfect roommate. How lucky am I to have landed a best friend by chance, one who I can share my Shipyard Pumpkin beer obsession with and always convince it’s time for Bova’s (best pastries around and perfectly placed at the end of our street). Bless you. And thank you to two girls that feel like my Boston big sisters, Lisa and Jen. They have totally taken me under their wing. You might be a locals and a couple years older but you did buy me my first drink in the neighborhood and definitely remember your years of being 22. And I love that one of my best friends from Wilmington, Maureen, just moved here too. This city needs a few more southern girls like us. Oh and one final shout-out to my latest best friend I made last weekend as we bonded dancing to “Sweet Caroline” and venting about how hard it is to make girlfriends in this city. Just the start to a beautiful friendship.

But most of all I truly cherish my ladies from home, my UNCW girls and Asheville loves, that have scattered all over the country. How lucky am I to have you all in my life even if we are hundreds of miles apart.

So here’s to loving my old friends, brand new friends and all the ladies I have yet to meet! It’s all part of my big city adventure.

“Surround yourself with the dreamers and the doers, the believers and thinkers, but most of all, surround yourself with those who see greatness within you, even when you don’t see it in yourself.” ❤

*Disclaimer: Boston boys, you haven’t gone unnoticed. And let’s be honest, if you come up with a better pickup line than “Have we met before?” I might even say yes.

the big move

First of all, how lucky am I to have such fabulous and supportive friends?! Since I left Wilmington / NC last Thursday, everyone has been so loving and supportive towards my new journey up north. I have to thank you all endlessly, because without the daily encouragement I have experienced this rocky and unsettling start in Boston would have been so much harder. I apologize if i haven’t responded to your calls/texts/tweets/Facebook posts and messages…. it’s been quite a week.

The journey started like this: I drove from Wilmington to Asheville (6 hrs.) last Thursday after work., which I should also add how incredible my work colleagues have been! I spent my last Wilmington night at a team dinner fill with lobster rolls, red wine, grouper, crab legs, suicide chocolate cheese cake, and much heightened conversation about the upcoming weekend. With all the setbacks I couldn’t be more thankful for how understanding work has been and how willing my coworkers have stepped in to help me out. For you all I owe a huge THANK YOU!!!

So I was in Asheville (a total of 18 hrs) to pack and drive to Charlotte with my parents for an early Saturday morning flight. Everything started great, as none of my 8 bags were weighed to make sure they were less that the allotted 50 lb. limit…..because they weren’t….


Fast-forward a bit and turns out the apartment I was supposed to move-in to with my new roommate Katelyn (I’ll talk about her soon, she’s fabulous), wasn’t ready. That might even be the understatement of the century actually. We were taking a bit of a gamble on this place to begin with, the last tenants had inhabited the place for 14 years…it was a mini version of hoarders, truly. I visited once with my mom and a second time with Katelyn and once I walked in I just felt like this was my place, and so it became! However, come Saturday there were only floors redone in about a third of the apt, the bathroom wasn’t working, nothing had been painted or cleaned, there were no blinds, it was complete mess. THANK GOODNESS my parents were with me or Katelyn and I both would have been in solid tears. New city, new people, new everything, yet no where to live. So instead of spending the weekend assembling furniture and decorating our fabulous new place… we were tormented at ikea, living out of suitcases in hotel rooms, and constantly checking in with our work-in-progress place.

All in all we finally got to move-in last night, which meant Katelyn, her angel parents and I spend the evening eating pizza, drinking wine and being carpenters building a queen bed, coffee table, kitchen table and dresser….thanks ikea, even my laundry basket came with assembly instructions.

We built a bed, that's impressive right?

We built a bed, that’s impressive right?

I can’t wait to tell you all about our perfect location though! It is truly amazing and deserves its own post…coming soon. Which brings me to today, thus far I am slightly moved in. I have a bed, and a million suitcases. Ikea only delivered half of my furniture, I am working from our kitchen table, and there are charming Italian men in my bathroom final touches on the apartment. It’s not all bad, and in fact it’s actually quite great. 🙂

So everyone, thank you, for being supportive, loving, patient and incredibly motivational. I am in Boston! Something that I have been talking about for the past six months has finally become my reality and oh my goodness , I love it. I love my completely Italian neighborhood, I love that the harbor is my backyard, I love that I walk outside and constantly smell fresh bread, I love that I can walk to 7 coffee shops and back home in 8 minutes. I love this place already.

But I owe the biggest thank you to my parents. Flying up to Boston with me to make this transition that much easier was incredible generous and even though our weekend didn’t go as planned we had a fabulous time incorporating Katelyn into our family, eating too much pizza, finding the best cannoli’s, laying in the park, perusing the open Haymarket, eating Chinese in Boston Commons, and routing our girl Serena on to a US Open victory. Thank you so much for being there for me through this weekend. It has meant more than I could ever put into words. I love you both. Come visit already!

More updates to come so soon!