My modern day chocolate chip cookie

There’s really nothing better than a good chocolate chip cookie. My dad loves to bake and I can guarantee that there is at least one type of homemade cookie dough in the fridge at home right now. I grew up believing cookies were a snack, everyone’s favorite dessert, and when paired with coffee…even a breakfast food. Cookies are a staple at my house.

And then I started to become healthier; let’s not pretend like I didn’t eat an entire chocolate souffle at dinner the other night, but on a normal day I can’t indulge as often as I’d wish. I’ve begun to find and create healthier options to the foods I love, mostly desserts. Today I’m sharing my spin on the chocolate chip cookie…in protein bar form!

Cookie 1

The great thing about this recipe is that you just throw everything in your food processor (or Ninja, thanks Mom and Dad!) and it’s an easily adaptable recipe.

Cookie 2

Maybe chocolate chip cookies aren’t your favorite, throw in some macadamia nuts and white chocolate instead or maybe try a little extra peanut butter!

Cookie 3

It’s what I call a “dump” recipe, this time I added a little extra flax-seed I had as well as some chia seeds and they still taste delicious.

Cookie 4

Let me know how you decide to make them!

Cookie 5

Cookie 6

“This is my advice to people: Learn how to cook, try new recipes, learn from your mistakes, be fearless, and above all have fun!”                                                                              – Julia Child.




One comment

  1. These, along with your protein balls, may be the beginnings of the “Bailey’s No Bake Treats!” They look delicious 🙂

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