Since joining the working world I’ve realized how important time off is, or better yet how rare it is. No longer do we get spring breaks, or three month long vacations, or (sorry Mom) get to skip that 8am class because you still have three absences to use before the end of the semester. Oh what I would give to have my school schedule back again! And then your new job gives you 12 days off a year which at first doesn’t sound too bad…until you realize 10 of them are dedicated to your family to travel home for the holidays and other family events. So…vacation? What’s that?

I decided to take matters into my own hands and build in a week of planned unemployment in between jobs, a friend coined the term “funemployment” and it totally stuck. No big plans, just days filled with nothing but exactly what I want to do. Didn’t realize how rare that is too!

Kicked off the funemployment with a champagne toast with my roommate and one of my best friends from home before we headed to the celtics game with the rest of the group (we have a group now!).

Don’t ask me who they played…nose bleed seats is generous, we couldn’t see anything.

Then I headed home to see my family for a few days which was fabulous. Filled with running afternoons with dad, too much shopping, and frequent ultimate ice cream visits. It was just nice being able to relax at home, see some of my best friends, and watch Friends with my Ma.

The rest of the week back in Boston just flew by! It’s been gorgeous here, sunny days in the high 50’s meant lots of outdoor runs and laying in the grass with a book. I snuck in several workouts and even lounged on the roof. What a peaceful week it was…I think every other month we should all get a week off. The world would be a much more productive place.

Now come Monday I jump back in the working world. I’m excited to share that I’ve accepted an office management/client relations position at Balter Capital Management. Another field I have little (or no) experience in but I’m always up for a challenge. I’m excited to work in an office and one that I can walk to! How great is that?!

Here’s to my last weekend of funemployment. Wish me luck for next week!




  1. Erin Kathleen, Good Monday Morning……and CONGRATULATIONS!

    Beginning again anew….perfect timing in the scheme of things. Learn and enjoy….perhaps this new opportunity will, itself, be ‘Funemployment’. Who knows what this new day shall yield? Seize it (CD).

    Always Love, Steve

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