Thank you Pure

I can finally announce that today was my last day at Pure Communications. I started almost a year and a half ago as an intern, was quickly offered a full time position upon graduating and then made plans to move to Boston. It’s been nothing short of a wonderful adventure. I was thrown into a life-science and biotech field having no prior knowledge and was forced to learn the new language. It was hard. At times I certainly failed, didn’t ask enough questions, or just didn’t understand. But in the end I look back and can’t believe how far I’ve come. I never thought this Pure team would become such a big part of my life. I met some incredible mentors and leaders. Got to work on projects with all types of companies from launching small biotech companies to leading advertising campaigns for big pharma. It’s been awesome. Pure I can’t thank you enough!

I came across a Kid President video yesterday and it just felt so appropriate for this life transition I’m in the midst of.

“You’re gonna do so much, but it’s not about what you do it’s about who you are. And you, you’re awesome, you’re made that way. You’re made from love, to be loved, to spread love. Love is always louder…so let your life be loud.”

Thanks for the memories Pure. I can’t wait to tell you all what’s next … finance here I come!



“You’re awake. You’re awesome. Live like it.” – Kid President.



  1. Erin Kathleen,
    Your Courage is Be-You-ti-ful.
    It is exciting to imagine what you will next create.
    This is your time.
    Always…All Ways

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