21 days.

I will be the first to admit I, like many others, have commitment issues. I’m one of those people that often just can’t decide, and I’m hesitant to make a decision fearful that something better might be just around the corner. It takes me twice as long to order my food, 6 times the trying on to choose an outfit, and with boys…let’s just say the amount of boys that have gotten the official title is very few.

I’ve always been active. I played at least two sports all through high school, continued to play recreationally in college and truly enjoy going to the gym. But then I hit ruts and won’t go for a week or two? I enjoy running,  but have never stuck with it enough to consider myself a true “runner.” I usually eat really well, but somehow can’t control myself once I walk unto Ultimate Ice Cream or open up a pint of Ben and Jerry’s. 

I have commitment issues. I don’t go to the gym daily because I get lazy. I don’t eat completely “clean” because I have the biggest sweet tooth. I don’t call myself a runner, because then I would have an expectation to uphold. So yesterday my roommate and I were reflecting on our perfect, indulgent weekend. My sister came to visit and we had the greatest time eating. Eating delectable Italian meals with bottles of wine, homemade biscuits soaked in butter and rolled in cinnamon and sugar, drinking beer at Harpoon brewery with bacon ranch pretzels, lobster rolls, and a large, infamous Regina’s pepperoni pizza. I didn’t hate a second of it. After she left, I peeled myself off the couch, and I went for a run. I’m not sure where it came from but I returned home 7 miles later, and I actually felt great. My roommate felt inspired and killed her own 4 miles, and when she got back she challenged me to four days of running. Well Katelyn, I see your 4 days, and I raise you 17. 

They say it takes 21 days to create a new habit, so here is my commitment to running/working out. I won’t limit it to just running simply because tonight it was 36 degrees on my run, if it becomes 25 degrees outside I’m not sure if I’m leaving this apartment. So the trade off is at least 30 minutes of non-stop exercise: gym, workout video, or polymetrics. 30 minutes.

This enlightening “ah-ha” moment hit me as I went out for a run after work today. It seems as if the brisk, chilly Bostonian air has inspired me. Four miles later and this blog post was written in my head, and now here for you. I encourage you to try it with me, 21 days. You don’t have to run but do something. Pick something you’ve always wanted to do, wanted to be, and join me for 21 days of commitment. 

We’ll start officially tomorrow.

“Great changes may not happen right away, but with effort even the difficult may become easy.”


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