falling back in love

One of my biggest downfalls is my inability to enjoy the moment. I wish I could say I was spontaneous but I have a constant need to figure out my next step, make my next plan, that I often forget to enjoy what is simply right in front of me. I end up wishing away time to get to the next adventure and before I know it I’m 22, graduated from college, working 55+ hrs a week, moving to Boston, and about to start my biggest adventure yet. My goal this summer was to slow down, to enjoy the precious time left I had with my college friends, and fall back in love with Wilmington.

At the risk of sounding self-centered, this summer was entirely about me. It was my first few months right out of the gate and straight into adulthood. I started my job with Pure Communications as a Media Relations Coordinator and Account Assistant at the beginning of June and I quickly realized there would be no such thing as a 40 hr work week for me. Pure’s clientele is comprised of life science, biotech and pharmaceutical companies, areas I have no background knowledge of. So on top of learning a new company and position, I’ve been learning an entirely new field, science.

But more importantly I felt a need to reconnect with the first place that I could call a home of my own, Wilmington. After traveling abroad for a year, I had a hard time coming back and feeling at home here when I felt so eager for my next adventure. I was so eager to graduate, start my career, and find a new city, I forgot to appreciate the one I was in. This summer has been a blessing, it has been exactly what I needed.

So for my last two weeks I’m taking over my friend Lauren’s lease and living a mere 100 ft from the sand. When my alarm goes off at 5:45am for the first time I don’t feel dread, but truly pop out of bed and run to the beach. My beach run this morning felt like I had finally fit all the pieces together. My Wilmington puzzle is complete and that’s why I feel like I can leave, not because I’m desperate to get away, but because my time here is done. Exhausted from my feet pounding on the sand I ran into the ocean and felt truly at home as the sunrise surrounded me, filling the sky and reflecting on the waves. And not until I could fully appreciate what I was surrounded by, could I fully appreciate myself.

Today, I fell back in love.


“Sometimes you just have to look back at your past, and smile for how far you’ve come.”



  1. Erin Kathleen,
    What a perfect lesson you are continuing to evolve into. Congratulations.
    Yet another way of ‘grokking’ Carpe Diem…..is that EVERY moment is the ULTIMATE moment.

    If you can sit with that – life becomes miraclous.

    Enjoy the New England Chowda’. It is wicked good!

    Much Love

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