Month: August 2013

seth godin

Three years ago (has it been that long?!) I took Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) with Dr. Persuit, who is a huge inspiration to me. I immediately enjoyed the fact that she didn’t use text books but instead required us to read blogs, and books from notable marketing and communication icons. One of our texts was Linchpin by Seth Godin, which in turn inspired me to sign up for his daily blog posts.

Three years later and I still start each day with Seth’s words. Some seem extraneous while others I can’t seem to stop contemplating. Yesterday afternoon’s post highlighted his most recent book (at the top of my must-read list) titled, The Dip, and knowing when to quit. We live in a society where quitting is seen as a disgrace, tactless, an escape. Yet according to Seth, winners quit everyday – they just quit the right thing at the right time.

So maybe we shouldn’t be afraid of what we can’t do, but instead embrace what we can. Don’t quit to accept mediocrity, quit to instead excel in something else, to push yourself in the right thing.  Resistance is what drives us to quit, and sometimes that’s OK. Sometimes it’s alright to quit things that just aren’t working to simply make way for what you will overcome resistance for.

Winners quit everyday. Seth Godin said so.

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“Someone is going to come out the other side, someone is going to be brave enough and focused enough to be the best available option. Might as well be you.”


falling back in love

One of my biggest downfalls is my inability to enjoy the moment. I wish I could say I was spontaneous but I have a constant need to figure out my next step, make my next plan, that I often forget to enjoy what is simply right in front of me. I end up wishing away time to get to the next adventure and before I know it I’m 22, graduated from college, working 55+ hrs a week, moving to Boston, and about to start my biggest adventure yet. My goal this summer was to slow down, to enjoy the precious time left I had with my college friends, and fall back in love with Wilmington.

At the risk of sounding self-centered, this summer was entirely about me. It was my first few months right out of the gate and straight into adulthood. I started my job with Pure Communications as a Media Relations Coordinator and Account Assistant at the beginning of June and I quickly realized there would be no such thing as a 40 hr work week for me. Pure’s clientele is comprised of life science, biotech and pharmaceutical companies, areas I have no background knowledge of. So on top of learning a new company and position, I’ve been learning an entirely new field, science.

But more importantly I felt a need to reconnect with the first place that I could call a home of my own, Wilmington. After traveling abroad for a year, I had a hard time coming back and feeling at home here when I felt so eager for my next adventure. I was so eager to graduate, start my career, and find a new city, I forgot to appreciate the one I was in. This summer has been a blessing, it has been exactly what I needed.

So for my last two weeks I’m taking over my friend Lauren’s lease and living a mere 100 ft from the sand. When my alarm goes off at 5:45am for the first time I don’t feel dread, but truly pop out of bed and run to the beach. My beach run this morning felt like I had finally fit all the pieces together. My Wilmington puzzle is complete and that’s why I feel like I can leave, not because I’m desperate to get away, but because my time here is done. Exhausted from my feet pounding on the sand I ran into the ocean and felt truly at home as the sunrise surrounded me, filling the sky and reflecting on the waves. And not until I could fully appreciate what I was surrounded by, could I fully appreciate myself.

Today, I fell back in love.


“Sometimes you just have to look back at your past, and smile for how far you’ve come.”