Month: June 2013

My Dad.

There are a lot ofΒ great dads out there, but mine’s the best. While many dads spent Saturday mornings on the sidelines of the soccer game watching their daughters play, my dad watched front row as my coach never missing a game or practice.

While many dads were busy at work, mine would invite my sister, Megan, and I down to his office as we got to be the bosses for the day. My dad spent his Sundays taking Megan and I hiking, biking, canoeing but never anywhere without snacks. We all squeezed together on the couch to watch basketball games. Or headed to the Civic Center because my dad got to drop the puck at the Asheville Smoke hockey games.

My dad never told me the answers, but challenged me to figure them out myself. My dad proofread my homework and sat up late nights to edit and help me grow as a student. My dad would wake up Sunday mornings early enough to make waffles to coax my sister and I out of bed before church. My dad proudly stood beside me on the football field during my high school homecoming. My dad didn’t just help me with my senior project, but took krav maga with me, as we both learned to defend ourselves. My dad is a “star” in Asheville, as we spent my senior year learning to shag dance, placing 3rd (isn) against our fellow Asheville competitors.

My dad runs half marathons. Cooks dinner daily. Works diligently. Gardens often. AndΒ adores my mom. So yes, there are many great dads out there, by my dad, he’s theΒ best.

ImageI love you Dad. Thank you.