I like talking about my goals. I think I like it because the more I talk about them the more real they feel. It’s gotten to the point where I will talk about them with just about anyone who will listen. The more people who are willing to listen, and know about what my goals and dreams are, the more accountability I feel to make them come true. I come up with a lot of ideas for different adventures, travel plans, career goals, or even simple things like recipes to try or outfits that might work. In any case, once I have formed an idea and I think it’s good enough, I begin to share it, to get others opinions and ultimately their approval. Then it’s up to me to give life to my various ideas.

I’ve noticed this to be a prevalent pattern in my big life choices. The main one being my current year to study abroad. The idea first formed at a dinner my ma and I shared a year ago, to go abroad for a year to two very different locations. Once I had mulled over the idea on my own, I came to be quite fond of it, and as I began to tell my closest family and friends the more real the idea became. It wasn’t a matter of if I would go anymore but a better question of where I would end up.

With one trip under my belt, I can’t help but feel so incredibly blessed that it worked out as  well as it did. London was more than I ever expected, and I learned more about myself then I ever could have in Wilmington. As a communication studies major, I have loved almost every class i’ve taken in my major, but because it is so broad I have had the hardest time figuring out which pathway I want to go into. I’ve tried classes in business communication, integrated marketing communication, television production, and mediation communication. All of these classes I’ve enjoyed but nothing that put a true “fire in my belly”, nothing that felt like a true fit for me. I’ve basically spent my entire education career learning what I don’t want to do for the rest of my life and slowly narrowing down what I actually do want to do. Taking classes at a different university and in a different country, put a new spin on my major and allowed me to expand on my interests. Which in turn allowed me to create new dreams and a new plan for myself.

One thing Europe taught me was that three months was not sufficient time for me to live there. I don’t know if I would live there forever but I absolutely could live there for several more years (maybe forever, who knows). Which brings me to step one: graduate college and move to Europe, London to begin with. I think London is a great place for me to start because its the one European city I don’t feel like a tourist in anymore. I will still have contacts there and a sense a home already developed. London may not be the city I want to end up in though. I would love to live in Paris, but first I should learn more french (that is on the list of goals). In order for me to make it to London I need an internship or a job, which has forced to figure out what type of field I want to go into. As for now I think I’d really like to see what I could do in magazine journalism; working for a magazine like Elle UK either in travel writing or even lifestyle or fashion. I want to live in central London, most likely in a crowded apartment above a bakery with too  many girls, but if i’m going to be there i want to be right in the middle of everything.

Maybe I want to write, to really write and that starts here. To learn to write, one must simply give up the fear of producing bad writing, and simply come up with something. It only gets better from here.

“I always wonder why birds choose to stay in the same place if they can fly all over the world, then I ask myself the same question.”



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