trading in mylittleeiffletower for the real thing

Paris. You stole my heart.

I cannot express how much I am in love with Paris. I have honestly dreamed about going for as long as I can remember and that’s why this past weekend I ventured out with Kait and Chloe for out first big adventure. We found eurostar (train) tickets to Paris for Friday morning at 5:30 am, meaning we left at 3 am, meaning I was up all night getting ready and packing (with some solid help from Hannu, thank goodness) and being far too excited to even consider sleep. So pretty soon it was off to Paris we were!

As soon as we got there we wandered trying to find our hostel and finally figured out the metro system. Our hostel was called Plug-inn and was in a fabulous location only a few minutes from the Sacre Coeur and Moulin Rouge. Once we found the hostel it was adventure time! We first went to the Sacre Coeur which was simply amazing. It’s located on top of a hill as well (a work out to climb) but it gave us an amazing view of the city in return.

Then we headed closer to the city and on to the Moulin Rouge

then we were on to the place de la concorde

After a crazy long day we headed back to the hostel for a much needed nap. We finally got up around 8 and headed out for dinner….which ended up being gelato ❤ We had an early night in preparation for a big day.


First up was Les Invalides which is where many french war hero’s were burried, most notably being Napoleon Bonaparte.

And finally we were off to the main event!

It was incredible. It’s super cliche but it was honestly breathtaking. It’s simply a structure but for me it was an accomplishment. I had been dreaming about visiting the eiffel tower for as long as I can remember. It was a dream come true. Then it was up for the climb! We’re always looking for a good work out so of course took the stairs….wow.

It was a long climb up and a long hike back down too. We were in much need for some food, and so we were off for panini’s and tartes. I will never get sick of european food. Ever. Afterwards we hit the Arc de Triomphe and Avenue des Champs-Elysees:

Afterwards we were back to the hostel for a little down time before our evening plans. We dressed up and had a late dinner at a local restaurant down the road. I had the most amazing duck, it was truly scrumptious! Then we were off with wine and chocolates to the Sacre Coeur to enjoy a night overlooking the city.

Apparently that is the place to be as it was quite packed, but we managed a spot at the top of the stairs and just marveled at the city. We befriended a few Egyptian men (not by choice) and then headed in for the night.


How lucky were we?! The first Sunday of every month is free museum day! So we ventured to the Louvre, the Musee d’Orsay, the Pantheon and the Notre Dame for free! The Louvre was truly something. My favorite was the medieval moat at the bottom.

We also got attacked by the pigeons….it was Paris, it was bound to happen…

We then headed back to the hostel for a little rest. However, it was my last night in Paris while Kait and Chloe still had two more days, so I ventured out for dinner. Dinner for me consisted of: a chocolate eclair, a cafe eclair, a chocolate torte, and a fresh baguette….heaven. Maybe there’s a reason I shouldn’t live in Paris? So I came back and woke the girls up and it was off to the Eiffel tower to see it all lit up. I’m horrible with directions. So after following Chloe and Kait all weekend they made me take over and attempt to get up to the Eiffel Tower at night all on my own. Success.

It was magical. The Eiffel Tower at night is honestly my favorite thing in the whole world. It was incredible. Simply breath taking. At ten minutes until the hour it would light up and sparkle getting faster and faster until the hour struck. Ah. I could have sat there all night long. I never wanted to leave Paris, not after that night.

And that was it. The next day I was up early to catch my flight to Seville, Spain to visit my long lost best friend Alex from home. Of course I didn’t leave without getting a fresh brioche and pain du chocolate for the flight! Paris I will absolutely return one day, maybe even to stay…. 🙂

And off to Spain I went……

My next post will be about my week in Spain with Alex (so look forward to that), but I think it’s only appropriate to add in my experience about getting there first. I chose to fly with Ryanair because it was ridiculously cheap. So I had to take the metro to a Ryanair bus station. Which I then had to buy a bus ticket which would take me to the Paris-Beauvais airport. This bus station was essentially a tent and every once in a while a bus would turn up and hold up a sign for which ever flight, and everyone would run to get a seat on the bus. Once I got on my bus it was an hour ride to the airport, which they then dropped us off at the wrong building for the terminal. I was the first of my flight to find out and finally made it to check-in and through security. Now this airport…. it honestly looked like an old warehouse with a few ryanair posters thrown on the walls. Everyone waited in the one large room to find out which terminal number we would be at and then raced for the line as soon as it was called. Once we were checked in we were filed outside to stand in the cold and rain while they brought the airplane up. It was a very large plane with two entrances/exits. When it was time they said we could board and people began RUNNING to the plane. What?! I then realized we didn’t have assigned seats so I of course had to join in on the race. Once aboard and in the air is when the selling started. For the hour and a half flight, one of the stewardesses was constantly walking up and down selling everything from drinks, to hot plates of food, to perfume! What?! I finally landed and bright, warm, sunny Spain greeted me with open arms….

Another great thing about Paris, was I had a big photography assignment for my class due this week so I got some great shots. Here are a few I turned it!

“America is my country and Paris is my hometown.” – Gertrude Stein



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