eating dessert is something i believe in

Ok I apologize, it’s much harder keeping up with a blog over here than I thought it would be. It’s been a good week and a half since my last post and I have so much to catch up on!

For starters, the end of fresher’s week was great! On saturday night there was a ball, which consisted of three different rooms with different styles which played different types of music as well. I mostly stayed in the silent disco. There was a circus tent set up on the main lawn and you would walk in and be handed head phones. There were two dj’s streaming music to two stations that you could choose from on a switch on your personal headphones. It was so funny because everyone would get really excited when a good song came on and tell you to switch to whichever channel, but if you too your headphones off all you were listening to was really horrible singing.

All in all it was a great fresher’s week, but believe it or not I was ready for classes to finally start. It had been five months since I’ve been in school! Longest summer vacation ever. They’re university schedule is much different over here, I take three classes for a full load that are three hours each. Monday from 10am-1pm is Nonfiction Feature Writing. So far I’m really enjoying this class, my teacher is from Scotland and used to work for the BBC so she really knows her stuff. Currently we’re learning to decipher what a feature story is, the different types there could be, where they can be published and thinking of ideas for our own feature we write for our final and only grade for the class. Tuesday from 10am-1pm I have a course called Travel, Tourism and the Media. It’s a larger class so mostly just lecture based with mini discussions throughout. It’s interesting because so far we are discussing the differences between  being a tourist and being a traveller and the ideas we hold for what they mean. I like it because it’s exactly what I am currently doing, being a traveller over here but still doing many touristy things. Wednesday I have off :). Thursday from 3pm-6pm I have Digital Photography and Photoshop, which I love! It’s a small class of about 15 and we are learning how to use SLR cameras and different effects that can be created with the camera. We also get to check out the cameras for up to three days at a time so I’m hoping to take one into central London and come home with some fabulous pictures! Overall classes are going well, it’s just a very different system to get used to. Because you only meet once a week for an extended period of time, there is more reading outside of class that’s required. Most classes don’t have small tests or projects along the way either, it’s just one big essay or project at the end of the course that determines your entire grade. Definitely intimidating.

Other things that happened last week:

I went on a run with my friend Charlie. Why? I’m not sure. He’s super fit, and created a fitness group here called Foxfit. It is about alternative methods to getting in shape than typical gym memberships and workouts. He organizes things like rubbish catch, which is horrible catch so that you have to run to get the ball and fall over and get back up, things like that. So for whatever reason I decided to run with him…… which consisted of a run around town which was actually gorgeous! We ran from campus into Putney, across the bridge, along the river, through a few graveyards, back across the adjacent Hammersmith bridge, through Barnes, and back to campus. Overall it was somewhere between and eight and ten-mile run. He rarely let me walked and we definitely never stopped. If we did it was only to do crunches. He did a great job motivating me along the way and I felt a true sense of accomplishment when I was done (you were right Charlie). It’s a route a really enjoyed as well and might try again on my own today, hopefully I won’t get lost.

This past weekend Kait, Bradley, Chloe and I decided to take our first trip and we headed to Brighton! It’s know as the London by the sea, so we had to check it out. It was an interesting city….. very commercial and the beach was made of rocks. Overall we had a good time though.

After Brighton, Chloe and I decided that there was so much in London we wanted to see and while we are having gorgeous weather (low 80’s and sunny!) we should take advantage and go into central London all this week. We bought a 7 day unlimited travel card and began our adventures in Hyde Park. Hyde park is basically the central park of London, it’s  beautiful and HUGE!


and the Peter Pan statue from the famous Winning London film 🙂

After Hyde Park we ventured around Covenant Garden to try and find some dinner and stumbled on this little gem:

But we actually didn’t get muffins, even though they looked DELICOUS!!! We were dinner minded so we got panini’s.

Yummy! We walked around a bit more and on our way home stumbled on this gorgeous cake shop so we had to get some to go. I got brownie cheese cake, but I forgot to take a picture before I dug in. It was amazing!

Yesterday we decided to go back into central for a little bit but it was getting rainy so we went to the National Gallery which was massive! I fell in love with this gem and had to get a copy to take home with me

Westminster Bridge in London by Monet

It was incredible, we had a great time. Afterwards we were tired and hungry though so of course it was cake time 🙂 We found a persian bakery and sat down for some treats:

Macchiato and apple strudel!

And then there was last night, which was my favorite night here so far. US superstar Jeremih performed at a local club for only seven pounds entry which is very cheap and we had to go. He’s a rapper who has a few big hits like Birthday Sex, Down on Me, and Imma Star. We got a big group together and ventured to Oceana for “Phat Tuesday”!

Jeremih was great he only played four songs but it was OK because most people only know his three big hits. We made sure to be in the front and center. During his main hit Birthday Sex, he came over to me (the only time he got in the crowd) and tried to kiss me! I was so caught off guard a backed away and all my friends got so mad hahaha! It was a fun night and a once in a lifetime! One of my friends also won J. Cole tickets for November! He has no idea who he is so I’m going to educate him and he’s taking me! Yay J. Cole!!!!!

I still love London 🙂 more and more everyday! For now I need to go study though and catch up on some reading but I had to catch you all up on London!

Quote of the Day in the London Standard:

“Eating dessert is something I believe in. Ice Cream is a favourite and, in London, I can’t pass up a scone.” – Katie Holmes ….a girl after my own heart.

Miss you all!



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