i think i’m becoming a londoner :)

I am in love with London. It truly is such a fabulous, diverse city that I have quickly fallen in love with. This past week has been such a whirlwind of adventures! We had the photo frenzy last saturday which was the last portion of our international orientation. We split up into groups in the morning and were given a camera, a day travel pass to use on all public transportation, and a list of clues to guide us to all the hot spots of London. My group consisted of 8 girls from germany, holland, england and italy:

….it was an awkward group. The girl beside me is Lucy, she is great. She’s from a little island off the coast of England. We got to see so many amazing places! We were in Trafalgar Square and I turn around and there was Big Ben. It was beyond surreal. Things you only see in pictures but are far more magnificent in real life. For obvious reasons. The architecture is unbelievable here. The buildings are so old and intricate and most of them are completely lined with gold embellishments.

The closest I’ll ever get to the queen…

Just an amazing day!

Starting on Monday was Fresher’s week. The university (they shorten it to “uni” here), puts on a week full of events for primarily the freshman.

Monday: The Bop – an on-campus night club held at the Union that plays dance and cheesy music. Being from Southlands College we had to dress up themed as “Back to School”…. Bradley, Tanita, myself…

Tuesday: Comedy Night!

Wednesday: The Grand – an old theatre that was renovated into a night club

Thursday: Indie Night at the Union

To come:

Friday night: Karaoke night at the Union

Saturday night: Fresher’s ball – silent disco, Ministry of Sound (DJ’s), and live performer Wagoner from the UK X-Factor

It  has been so much fun and beyond tiring! I’ve met so many new people from all over, internationals and locals, and found many that adore americans!

On Wednesday a few of us ventured into central London again to check things out for ourselves. We took the train in from Barnes to Waterloo and headed to Oxford street (London’s 5th ave.), and then to China Town. While we were in China town we ran into a commercial being filmed for British gas:

We then headed back to the London Eye and Big Ben to get a closer look!

We then made a pit stop at M&M world where their normal M&M’s are the peanut kind. They also have a fake M&M factory….


After M&M world we decided to take the “scenic route” to the Tate Modern. They scenic route consisted of the longest way possible and basically walking across the entire city….thank you Bradley. On a high note, because of the route we ran into the filming of a very popular British show called “Hustler”:

it was very cool.

Tonight we are off to karaoke! Classes start on Monday so that will  be nice to actually have some order again in my life but for now I’m just enjoying London 🙂

“One day your life will flash before your eyes, make sure it’s worth watching.”




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