a bittersweet symphony

On July 27, I grudgingly moved out of Wilmington and back home to Asheville.

Leaving somewhere is alway bittersweet. Sad to be parting from such a wonderful place full of friends, memories and the beach, but returning home is always a comforting feeling. So, I’ve been home for a month now and to be honest, it’s been more bitter than sweet. I kept thinking it feels like I’m just quitting school to move home with the parents and work at the trusted neighborhood ice cream shop for the rest of my life. After a few weeks home I took a week off work and jumped on 40E for my farewell tour.

I adore Wilmington. It has become a place I can call my own, it’s my home. I was nervous to head down there with everyone starting school and finding a routine while I’m simply there to visit. Being in Wilmington felt natural, but being at UNCW felt more than just different. For the first time I was there with no agenda, no meetings, no classes, nowhere to be. I felt like an outsider watching all my friends’ new year begin. I felt like my life was on hold while everyone else was beginning their new journey with a new year. I laid on the beach all day while others took to classes and meetings. Not a bad life, but the bitter feeling just grew.

It was amazing seeing my friends, my big ambassa-family, my CAIC family, and the beach! It is the hardest thing stepping away from something so amazing and so familiar to go somewhere brand new. I will miss my Wilmington family more than words can even express. The first goodbye was the best and the hardest, my goodbye with the beach. Knowing I had to cut the trip short to avoid Irene, I spent the last night with great company laying on the beach. It would be my last time there for a long time, so I just soaked it all in. The cool salty breeze, the vast black ocean, waves tumbling, cool soft sand, millions of stars and the boy who has become one of my best friends. The first goodbye was the hardest.

Best friends are hard to come by. I’ve been lucky enough to have found several in Wilmington. To say Wilmington would not be the same without them is an understatement. There is nothing I want more than for them to jump on a plane and fly to London with me.

I’m going to London. Two weeks from today I will be on a plane to London. The words don’t feel like real life yet. I’m going to London! England! How can anything be more bitter than sweet right now? LONDON! This is what I wanted, to go somewhere completely foreign to me and have an adventure all to my own. I wanted to explore, to grow, to learn and to evolve as this trip undoubtedly changes me. I wanted this. I want this. So no, not more bitter than sweet, it’s more like incredible, unreal, amazing! So two weeks is all I have to get ready, to pack! ….how to fit my closet into a suitcase… my current adventure.

So thank you Wilmington. Thank you for being my home, for preparing me for this adventure, and for waiting for me with open arms for my return. But now I am home, my real home with mom and dad and I’m gonna have to say, it’s pretty sweet 🙂

I love you all ❤

I travel not to go anywhere, but to go. I travel for travel’s sake. The great affair is to move.




  1. So very excited for you Erin! I was only in London for a short time, but I am positive you’ll enjoy your time there. Don’t forget a rain coat with a hood! And of course your camera! I can’t wait to watch your adventure unfold.

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